Riverside Transit to launch new routes in South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (AP) Rio de Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, is expected to launch a series of new routes between Rio and the nearby town of Rios do Rio Grande in a bid to expand its metro network.

The first line from Rio to Rios de Janeiro will run on the Transco River, and a line from Rios to Rio will run through the river.

Rio will also be connected to the Rio Grande Valley, which connects the city of São Paulo to the surrounding region.

Transco’s chief executive, Fernando Ribeiro, told a news conference in Rio de Paula on Thursday that the new routes would connect the Brazilian capital to the capital of Rio de la Plata and beyond.

The Rio-Rios-Rio-Riego line, which will also include a bus service to and from the city, has been a popular choice among travellers who are seeking a direct connection to the Brazilian Amazon, which is one of the world’s most densely populated regions.

Ribeiro said that the routes would take about eight hours to cover, and that the service would be open on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but that it was possible to change schedules, especially during the rainy season, when people are more likely to travel.

Rio has seen a surge in traffic in recent months, as Rio’s population has ballooned from a mere 10 million in 2015 to nearly 25 million in 2016, according to official data.

The city has become an economic powerhouse in recent years, but the rise of Brazil’s middle class has also made Rio one of Brazils biggest cities.

Transport Minister Rodrigo Dominguez announced in March that Rio would be investing an additional $1 billion to expand the city’s transit network.

That included the purchase of eight new buses, and plans to add eight more bus routes.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (AP) Rio de Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, is expected to launch a series of new routes…

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