What’s the difference between the active transport and the highway definition?

The active transport definition includes both the highways and the active transportation networks.

But what about the highways?

Is there any difference between them?

We spoke with James McDaniel, Senior Vice President for the Americas, US Transport Administration, to find out.

Active transport has its own definition in the United States, but the highway definitions can be very different.

There is one definition that’s widely used: The active transportation definition includes all transportation services, including motor vehicles, railroads, bridges, and water systems, that are provided or are designed to be provided as a means of transporting people, goods, or services in the public interest.

The highway definition is defined as all transportation in the highway network.

It’s a much narrower definition, which is where we find the confusion.

According to the United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics, the total number of vehicles on the road in Britain increased by 5.4 million in the last year, to 2.9 million, or 9.5 percent.

But according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012, the number of motor vehicles on U.S. roads fell by 0.9 percent, or 1.4 billion vehicles.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration defines active transport as “a method of transportation for the transportation of people, property, goods and services in which a person or property is moved, transported, or otherwise transported in a motor vehicle.”

Active transport is defined in the U.K. as “any form of transportation in which motor vehicles or other vehicles are used in the transportation or movement of people and property.”

The active definition includes vehicles on roads that aren’t paved, lanes on bridges or on highways.

There are also lanes in freeways and on shoulder lanes.

But it’s the highway that’s the core of active transport.

Active transportation is defined by the U!


Department of Transportation as transportation services that “use a motor-driven vehicle to move, move, or transport passengers, goods or property in the interstate system.”

That means, for example, vehicles that are used to transport passengers on trains, buses, or taxis.

Active transports are also commonly used for public safety and emergency response.

When the National Transportation Safety Board issued a report in 2009, the definition of active transportation expanded to include all transportation, including emergency response vehicles.

This definition has become the most widely used, with nearly three-quarters of U.s. states having adopted it by 2020.

“Active transport has a very wide reach,” said Robert Rennie, President of the National Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

“It covers all types of transportation, from bus to highway.”

The definition is so broad, in fact, that many people believe the term is limited to only the transportation sector, such as buses and trains.

But this is incorrect.

In fact, there are some very specific categories of transportation that can be defined as active.

A few examples: Active travel on the highway is defined, in part, as the movement of persons, property or goods from one place to another, whether that’s by way of a public transit vehicle, a truck, a passenger van, a motorized wheelchair, or an electric vehicle.

Active travel includes buses, trucks, buses with electric vehicles, light rail systems, and ferries.

This includes buses that are part of the rail network, which can be operated by railroads or private companies.

The definition of a bus or train also includes any vehicle used to carry passengers.

In addition, some states require that bus or rail operators use a separate lane, or separate entrance, when they operate on the interstate.

Active means “active.”

“Active transportation includes transportation services such as passenger rail, trucking, bus service, and taxi service that are designed or designed to provide the transportation services as a transportation method or service, whether or not the transportation is a passenger-carrying service,” the USTA’s McDaniel explained.

Active service includes a bus that operates as a private service, for which an individual pays a fee and provides the services.

The term includes bus service and bus services that are owned and operated by a company that provides a service as a public utility.

Active use is defined.

“Passenger use” is defined to include any use of a vehicle, vehicle part, or other equipment to transport people, vehicles, or property, or the transportation by an employee of the operator.

The word “passenger” is used in a broad way, meaning, a person can use a bus, truck, or truck with an electric motor or generator for purposes of traveling from point A to point B, but not for purposes to reach point C. This broad definition of passenger use includes both public and private transit.

It includes passenger rail services, and the operators of passenger rail systems.

This could include private operators, bus companies, private transportation companies, and private transportation services.

There’s also some definition of the term

The active transport definition includes both the highways and the active transportation networks.But what about the highways?Is there any difference…

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