‘Movies have become part of our culture’

A film that has become part the Indian cinema, a film that was created to educate and entertain the people of Mumbai, was a source of pride for many of them.

“I watched it when I was a kid and I wanted to watch it more often.

I would go to the cinema and see it.

Now it is part of my culture,” said Javed Akbar, a 23-year-old film graduate, adding, “Movies and movies are part of India’s culture.

It is part and parcel of our country.”

Akbar, who was in the process of studying in Mumbai when he saw the film, said, “We are proud of it.

We feel proud of our film.”

The film, which was produced by director Rajiv Kapoor, was released in May.

Akbar was happy to see it being made into a hit, even though he had not watched the film since his sophomore year of college.

“It is a work of art.

The music and the film are also beautiful.

It makes us happy,” Akbar said.

Akbar said that he is happy that the film has reached a wider audience.

“Mumbai is a beautiful city and I am proud of Mumbai’s film scene.

There are many things I want to do in Mumbai, but I am not in Mumbai yet,” he said.

Akar added that he would like to travel to the city soon to see the film.

A film that has become part the Indian cinema, a film that was created to educate and entertain the people…

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