How to get on the TTC and get on a ride to the airport

The TTC is planning to extend its ride-hailing service, and the company is working to make the service easier for passengers to use.TTC CEO Andy Byford said Wednesday that the agency will start rolling out a pilot program to make it easier for people to hail a cab on Friday.

The service will be available on the city’s GO network starting on Friday and will continue to expand over the next couple of weeks.

Byford said that the TTC has been working on ways to improve the ride-sharing app for several months and will be testing a pilot this weekend to test whether a service can be made more accessible for more people.

The TTC has seen an uptick in ridership since it opened in March 2017, and ridership has risen in each of the past two years.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told The Associated Press the pilot program is designed to make ride-share rides more convenient for passengers, but he said the service will expand beyond GO and TTC in the future.

“It’s about making sure that if you want to be able to use a service on the GO network, it’s easier to do so,” Ross said.

“We’ve got plans for the future.”

The service was rolled out on the Toronto Transit Commission in May and was launched in other major cities and provinces.

According to TTC data, ridership on the service has grown by 10% since May 2017.

There are currently more than 9.5 million people in the Toronto area who use the service, which is free and doesn’t require a smartphone.

The TTC plans to roll out new features to the app to allow riders to reserve taxis, pay for rides or use a carpool option.

Ross said the company has no plans to make taxi service more expensive than Uber or Lyft, two other ride-hopping services that are currently available on GO and the TTC.

The TTC is planning to extend its ride-hailing service, and the company is working to make the service easier for…

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