The latest news on car tracking, navigation and more

The new Horizon transport tracking service will see the public’s car tracking and navigation data shared with the airline.

The new service, which is being rolled out to existing Horizon passengers via the app, will see data shared across Horizon’s fleet of cars, including its fleet of luxury SUVs, vans, and sport utility vehicles.

Horizon is looking to increase its car tracking capabilities as a way to track down and help people in its fleet.

“Horizon wants to help people with a range of mobility challenges,” Horizon chief executive Paul McBride told the Australian Financial Review.

“In our future Horizon fleet, we want to provide a range, as part of our journey, of information about the vehicle, its condition, its fuel and its condition of ownership.”

The Horizon data will be used to create a dashboard that will allow customers to view their car’s condition and other information.

As a part of the new service customers will also be able to see the number of miles travelled and their average miles travelled.

McBride told ABC Radio Melbourne the service would help Horizon customers “get a better idea of what is going on with their car”.

“We’re really trying to give them a much more complete picture of their car,” he said.

“And we want the car to have a little bit more context and a little more information about where it is in terms of how much fuel it has and how much wear is there.”

The new Horizon transport tracking service will see the public’s car tracking and navigation data shared with the airline.The new…

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