How to get around in China without flying (sort of)

A lot of people who live in the U.S. are used to the idea of flying and taking public transportation.

That’s great, because in China, the idea is quite different.

People use public transportation to get to work, to school, to the mall, and to shopping.

And public transportation is expensive.

China is a country where cars are cheap, but not for everyday use.

In the city, cars cost around $100 a month, but in rural areas it can cost as much as $600 a month.

For a car that costs $200 a month in the cities, that’s a big deal.

The average monthly cost of driving in China is $2,500, and the average monthly household income is around $50,000.

For Chinese people, public transportation just doesn’t make sense.

There’s so much competition and congestion in cities, and driving on the roads is so expensive.

People are often forced to drive on the sidewalk or on the street.

If you’re not willing to pay for that, you’re going to end up driving on a deserted street.

But what can you do?

That’s the real challenge with public transportation in China.

The government has set up a “one-way street” that allows people to take public transportation, but it is very expensive.

When I moved to Shanghai from Beijing, the one-way public transportation system was a big problem.

There was no way to get into and out of the city.

People couldn’t even use their cell phones in public spaces.

So people would walk to work and then walk back to the same spot, with the same car and the same company, every day.

And the streets were so packed that drivers would often run into other drivers in the traffic.

That was just a nightmare.

The only way to avoid the traffic was to use the subway, which was an even bigger problem.

So I had to do everything on foot.

I had no choice but to use a bike.

But the subway system was just too congested.

It took me four days to get there.

It was very expensive, so the price tag for me to take a bike was around $3,000 per month.

So in addition to being stuck in traffic and stuck in the subway for three days, it was also a huge expense.

And it was a really bad idea.

It wasn’t just about cost.

If I was in China right now, I’d probably be taking a car or a bike, even if I could afford it.

But in the United States, I don’t have that option.

So it’s just very difficult to get from point A to point B. It’s also very difficult for people who have little money to get back and forth.

When we talked to people who lived in Shanghai, they said they would have to do a lot of extra work if they were to get home.

And so I think that the only solution to this problem is to get rid of public transportation completely in China and just build more roads, which are far more expensive.

But even if you’re able to get your car out of Shanghai, you will still be stuck in a traffic jam in the city because of the lack of public transit.

I think the government has made a big mistake in making the subway a luxury, expensive, and unsafe option for people to get out of China and to work.

So that’s why I have started a petition to make public transportation a luxury option for everyone.

To get people back out of their cars and into the streets.

A lot of people who live in the U.S. are used to the idea of flying and taking public transportation.That’s…

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