Which are the safest and least expensive ways to get from one place to another?

By Emily MolloyAssociated PressPosted June 14, 2018 11:03:24The federal government has announced plans to phase out the use of private jets and buses by the end of the decade.

The move comes as states and cities grapple with a sharp increase in passenger traffic, fueled by the economy and the rise of online travel.

The move will have a ripple effect across the transportation system, from the transportation of goods to the transportation and warehousing of people.

The Transportation Department announced Thursday that by 2025, there will be no more passenger rail service.

The agency also said it would phase out bus service starting in 2026, as well as air service.

In 2027, the agency plans to cancel commercial airline services, including the airlines’ direct-to-consumer flights.

In total, the department said, by 2025 there will not be any passenger rail, bus, private jet, or airport-based passenger service in the United States.

The plan is meant to end a 20-year boom in the use and sale of jets and other forms of transportation, which the agency says has led to more than $30 trillion in annual revenue.

The federal plan is part of a broad initiative to reduce the number of cars on the road and to boost the number, and speed, of passenger rail.

The Trump administration has been pressing states and communities to implement a nationwide plan to phase in the adoption of driverless cars and to make the transportation network more efficient.

The new plan would replace the current fleet of 4,000 buses with 25,000.

The announcement is part in a broader effort by the Trump administration to address a major challenge for the administration, which has struggled to find transportation funding and has struggled for years to balance its spending and borrowing.

The president has asked Congress to spend $1 trillion on a new fleet of passenger planes, and the House passed a bill Thursday to do so.

By Emily MolloyAssociated PressPosted June 14, 2018 11:03:24The federal government has announced plans to phase out the use of private…

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