Why Volkswagen can’t fix its emissions scandal

Volkswagen’s emissions scandal could be solved if it got to grips with how its diesel cars work, a former head of its global emissions testing programme has said.

The German automaker is under mounting pressure over the emissions scandal, which has engulfed the carmaker for months, and the scandal has been widely blamed on Mr Trump.

The US president has been accused of being behind the scandal.

“The biggest problem is the fact that Volkswagen cannot fix the emissions problem,” Peter Wächter, head of Volkswagen’s Global Automotive Quality Management and Technical Analysis Group, told the BBC.

“It has to do the right thing and they are doing the wrong thing.”

He added that VW had a responsibility to help improve its emissions.

Mr Wächtter, who was chief of VW’s emissions testing department in 2016, said VW’s technology was “unstable” and its “systems are not as secure as they should be”.

Volkswagen was already under fire from US regulators for its decision to recall about 2.2 million vehicles worldwide and the car company was forced to recall over 7.5 million vehicles.

It is not known how many people were affected by the scandal, but Mr Wahl said it could be many thousands.

“We cannot know the exact number of affected customers, but we think it could well be thousands,” he said.

Mr Trump has said the US president is responsible for the Volkswagen scandal, calling it “a scandal” that will cost the US jobs and tax dollars.

Mr Ford, the former CEO of Fiat, said the scandal would not be solved by fixing VW’s systems.

“This is not a car problem.

It’s a problem with the way people are operating these cars, they are operating them very poorly,” Mr Ford said on Sunday.

Mr White, who now runs the US Automotive Institute, said he hoped VW’s internal crisis was “solved”.

“The VW scandal is not the only one, it’s not the biggest one, but it’s certainly not the last one,” he told the ABC.

“What’s really important is VW is getting its systems right.

I’m optimistic that it’s going to do better than a year ago.”

Volkswagen’s emissions scandal could be solved if it got to grips with how its diesel cars work, a former head…

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