How a bison trucker became a multimillionaire with the help of an investment banker

In a small town in the central plains of Kansas, one of the few places where a bazillionaires and billionaires can be found, the owner of the trucking company he founded has just received a check for $1.3 million.

It was made by a local investor named Mike Bannister, a man who is well known in the Kansas region.

He’s been a trucker for over 40 years and is known for his hard work and dedication to the community.

Bannister’s company, Waggoner Trucking, makes all sorts of stuff for a variety of different industries, from trucking to fishing to manufacturing.

He also makes a good living as an investment advisor, but Bannisters career started to take off when he got the call to join the investment banking world.

His first investment was $250,000 in his company, a $5 million purchase of a trucking business that had been in operation for 20 years.

He bought it for $500,000, and over the next year, he bought trucks, a boat, and a few boats for his own use.

He built a boat-building business that helped build the first offshore floating docks, which is how he got to know the region.

“I thought that’s the way I would build boats and get into boats,” Bannings grandfather said.

“And I thought it would be fun to do something with it.”

As a teenager, he got a job as a plumber in Kansas City, Kansas, and began building his own boat.

He took over the business in 1993, and by 1996, he was making a decent living selling boats and boats for people in the area.

But, his family was still struggling, so he sold the business to another business owner.

Then, in 1997, Banners grandson started his own business, a fishing company called Waggoner Fishing.

He had a good relationship with one of his customers, a local fisherman named Kevin Waggons son.

Kevin Waggs son was born in the small town of Blanchard, Kansas.

He grew up fishing and had his own company, which was called Big Waggonia.

Kevin also worked for Waggoneding, and had a few friends who worked for the company.

Waggoner was started as a way to keep the family afloat, so Kevin decided to open it as a boat company.

He hired a crew of about 20, which made it easy to operate.

But the business was still a small operation.

It didn’t have the boats, and they didn’t get enough customers.

That’s when the business went bankrupt.

Bannon family in New York The brothers were able to refinance the business and start over, but they needed more cash.

They decided to take matters into their own hands, and hired an investment banking firm to help them.

Billionaire banker Michael Bastian, who worked with Banniers grandson at the time, saw an opportunity.

Bannistans grandfather had a knack for picking up young, hungry entrepreneurs who had an idea for a company.

They hired him to help the family.BANNISTER was one of those guys.

He worked closely with his grandfather on the business, and in 1997 he decided to start his own investment banking company.

His idea was to start with a small business and then expand to a larger company when the market matured.

Bansons grandfather was a man of few words.

But his grandfather was an honest, hardworking man.

He always had a smile on his face and was a great salesman, Bastian said.

He would have his workers pick up the phone and call a few people in order to get his business started.

That is what he did.

In 2001, the brothers made a total of $2.5 million from their initial investment in the business.

By 2003, they had expanded to include a fleet of 30 boats.

Bastian was one who could be counted on to make sure that their businesses were operating at a high level.

Baggs grandson has been known to say, “I’m not here to get rich,” Bastian added.

He said that the money is always there for him.

“It’s really not a bad thing,” Basti said.

Banton said that while the family has invested in other businesses, their investment in Waggoni has allowed them to stay close to home.

They have a dog, a cat, and have a home that they have named Waggona.

“Our home is still the same, the same location,” Bastion said.

“We’ve always been close to our family and friends,” he added.

Bacon said that he was surprised that the business made it to this point, but that they are still looking for ways to make it better.

He is optimistic that the industry will continue to grow in the future.He said he

In a small town in the central plains of Kansas, one of the few places where a bazillionaires and billionaires…

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