What the Metro trains can and cannot do at peak times

New guidelines are being proposed for Metro’s fleet, which include limiting train usage and using fewer trains to deliver people and goods to areas with limited public transportation options.

In a letter to federal officials, Metro said it is looking at a range of options for how it can reduce train congestion and the need for people to take buses, walk, bike or public transportation.

“In light of the current public health and economic challenges, Metro will consider all options for increasing passenger and freight capacity while ensuring we have adequate capacity to respond to any and all requests,” the letter said.

It was signed by officials from the transportation and infrastructure ministries and the Federal Transit Administration.

In its letter to the Federal Railroad Administration, Metro pointed to the recent deaths of three people in a Metro train crash in Philadelphia and another in another Metro train derailment in Pittsburgh.

It also said it had seen an increase in the number of passengers and cars traveling in Metro trains, with a higher volume of riders and cars.

Metro said the number was up by 5% in 2016 compared with 2015.

In March, Metro proposed a new pilot project that would have restricted the number and speed of trains during peak hours in some parts of the system.

The pilot was to last four days, and trains would not be allowed to pass through certain intersections, Metro officials said.

The letter said Metro will use the new rules to determine how to limit train use.

It will also consider a pilot program to limit the number or speed of cars and buses traveling between stations.

The new rules would apply to all Metro stations, including the Metro North, Metro West, Metro East, and Metro South stations.

Metro officials will meet in May to consider the proposed changes, the letter stated.

The Metro letter comes amid growing concerns that Metro is running short of buses and trains to meet demand for people, goods and services.

The agency has struggled to keep up with demand for its trains, which can operate at about 100 miles per hour.

In July, a Metro employee told the Associated Press that the agency is running out of fuel, and the number one priority is the ability to move people and cargo safely to and from stations.

New guidelines are being proposed for Metro’s fleet, which include limiting train usage and using fewer trains to deliver people…

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