Transport Tycoon: Transport Tycoon: Road Trip – A transport simulation game

Transport Tycoon, the latest in the long-running franchise, is finally available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game will be released in April, with a retail price of £4.99.

Players will be able to take on transport trips across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, China, South Korea, Mexico and more.

It also includes an option to explore new destinations, as well as build your own road network. 

In Transport Tycoon 2, players can use their wits and ingenuity to transport goods across large cities.

It offers the ability to build roads, hire vehicles, and even build your very own mini-van.

The second game in the franchise, Transport Tycoon 3, will follow in its footsteps, with players taking on the role of a road engineer as they navigate the country in the new game.

The first game also offers transport services for hire, allowing players to connect with a variety of people and businesses. 

“Our new version will include a few additional features for players who have purchased Transport Tycoon 1,” explained John Scott, Head of Marketing at Sony Online Entertainment.

“First and foremost, it includes a new and improved map system, where players will be given the ability at the start of the game to travel to specific locations within the world to take a photo, explore, or explore further.” 

Transport Tycoon 3 will also offer the ability for players to take part in a real-time online multiplayer experience with friends, while players can also take part as a team, where they can travel from one city to another and battle against other players for points. 

The game also includes a variety, new and revamped multiplayer features, including the ability of players to share information about their transport journeys and even set up their own transport routes and destinations.

“We will also be introducing some new and unique ways for players and game designers to connect,” Scott continued.

“For example, we will be introducing the ability, for the first time in the series, to share your journey with other players by using the PS4 or Xbox One social share feature.” 

While Transport Tycoon is a great example of a great free-to-play title on PS4 and Xbox one, the game also features a slew of microtransactions.

The games biggest selling item is a “Premium” account, which includes a subscription to a special “Transport and Transport Tycoon” app, which allows players to purchase new and upgraded features.

“Premium accounts” are also free, and allow players to get access to new, exclusive content. 

While the game will include an in-game currency, it will be sold with in-app purchases and will not be able a microtransaction system. 

Players will also have the option to choose which mode of transport they want to use, as Transport Tycoon can be played either as a road-based simulation or an online one. 

According to Scott, the PS Store will feature “a selection of all the latest games coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in the coming months.” 

As well as the new Transport Tycoon and Transport series, the store will also feature new titles like The Last Airbender, Uncharted 4, Marvel Heroes and more, with more to come. 

For more information on Transport Tycoon please visit and follow the latest news and information from Sony Online. 

Transport Tycoon, the latest in the long-running franchise, is finally available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.The game will be…

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