How the government has spent $9 billion on highway construction since 2010

The federal government has made millions of dollars available for highway construction projects in recent years, but the money hasn’t been evenly distributed across the country.

In fact, only a fraction of the money has gone toward actual construction, according to the Transportation Policy Institute, a research group.

“If you look at federal highway construction dollars over the past decade, the federal government’s spent $900 billion,” said Robyn Denny, a senior fellow at the institute.

“Only $50 billion of that has been allocated for actual construction.”

The institute says it’s unclear why the government is spending so much on road building, but it’s partly because the government lacks enough resources to maintain the roads.

Denny says there’s a big gap between the number of roads that need repairs and the amount of money the government can spend on repair projects.

And that’s not a sustainable path.” “

There’s so much that we don’t need to be repairing our roads that we need to fund more road repair.

And that’s not a sustainable path.”

Dennys report found that only about a quarter of the $900 million in highway construction money that’s been allocated since 2010 has been spent on actual road repair, compared to about a third of the total $3.6 trillion in road spending.

The money could be used to pay for repairs to roads that have deteriorated or that need to undergo major changes, such as the removal of bridges.

But it’s also money that could be better spent on other infrastructure projects, such a more reliable, more affordable bus system or a more efficient public transit system.

In 2011, Congress allocated $2.8 billion for highway repair, but Denny said the money was largely used for construction projects, rather than actual repair.

More than 80 percent of the highway construction funds allocated by Congress have been spent in the past three years on road repairs, she said, and there’s no evidence that the money is being spent more wisely.

A federal report by the Department of Transportation said the federal Highway Trust Fund has only received $7.6 billion for repairs and maintenance since 2010, according

The federal government has made millions of dollars available for highway construction projects in recent years, but the money hasn’t…

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