F1 drivers react to new rules

It is hard to believe that just days after the introduction of the new regulation, the F1 paddock is still debating the rules, after a few weeks of discussion.

The rules were approved last week by the FIA and will go into effect on Friday, July 2.

In an interview with Motorsport.com, F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg said he believes the regulations are an improvement but he feels the changes will make it harder for drivers to earn their living.

“It’s a big step, a big change, but I think there are many drivers who think it’s an improvement,” Hulwenberg said.

“We will be more cautious, but it’s not going to make the cars faster.

It’s not about the cars.

The cars are more about the drivers and the cars are going to drive better.”

The F1 regulations change the way the teams are allowed to make money.

Instead of the teams earning the majority of their revenue from race tickets, teams will be allowed to earn an extra 2 per cent per race.

This will be paid by each team on the day of the race, which means the teams can use their profits to build a racing academy, which could help the teams to build new cars.

However, the new rules do not change the teams’ ability to sign drivers.

Drivers will have to prove that they can make a living off their work in order to be allowed.

The drivers will be able to take a year off from the sport after signing a contract, which is a major concern for some teams. 

“The driver is a very important part of the business and in the last few years there have been several incidents where drivers have not been paid,” said Michael Schumacher, a former F1 race engineer.

“This will have a big impact on drivers’ salaries.” 

But others have not backed the rule change. 

In his opinion, drivers will still have the option to retire from the game at any time, but the regulations don’t address the drivers’ long-term contracts. 

But the changes are only in the form of a suggestion, and not a requirement. 

Hulkenberger said the FIA should have introduced a “firm decision” before the rule was introduced. 

“[The new rules] don’t change the rules in any way, shape or form,” he said.

“The FIA have a clear position on the rule, but there is no specific rule.

We have to be patient and wait for the final decision.”

It is hard to believe that just days after the introduction of the new regulation, the F1 paddock is still…

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