When you think of a transporter, imagine a rocket: A company says it will launch the first domestically-built commercial transporter in 2019, with a capacity of 100 metric tonnes (mt) to a service launch pad.

India has one of the world’s largest fleet of indigenous transporter-turbine engines and the country is also home to a small fleet of commercial-class transport vehicles, which include the state-of-the-art transporter KV-1.

It will be a new era for the country.

India has been trying to modernise its transport fleet for the past two decades, but it is still not ready to build a fully commercial-sized transporter, which is crucial to the country’s ambitious plans to make a clean, green and sustainable economy.

According to industry experts, the transporter will be one of India’s key technological milestones for the next 20 years.

The country’s transporter technology will be refined, and it will be ready for a first commercial launch by 2020, said Nirmal Kumar, president and managing director of the transport engineering firm SRI India.

Transport experts predict that the transporter engine will be developed into a fuel-efficient, lightweight, modular design that will also be able to withstand the pressures of space travel, said V. Raghavan, a former Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) engineer.

“It will have a low centre of gravity and a low thrust.

It can be launched in the form of a conventional rocket or an indigenous vehicle that can carry up to 100 mt. on its back, and then launch a smaller vehicle that carries a single mt. to the service launchpad.

It will have the capability of operating at altitudes of up to 30 km. in a single-person pod,” Raghavansays.

With India’s ambitious transport infrastructure, the country has also been trying out several different launch vehicle types, including indigenous rockets.

The transporter’s launch vehicle is expected to have a capacity to transport a cargo of up of 500 tonnes or more.

The company says the transporter’s maximum payload is 150 mt.

This means it can be used to launch small satellites, large vehicles and even small planes.

After the transporter-based launcher is built, it can also be used for launching smaller vehicles, such as passenger aircraft.

It is a great technological advancement for the Indian transport industry, which has struggled to compete with international competitors in the past, said Raghava Rao, a research fellow at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Transport companies have been working hard to develop the technology to transport large cargo into space for the last few years.

However, this is still in the very early stages.

India has only one transporter for domestic use and the launch vehicle to carry it to space is not ready yet.

A large number of Indian companies have launched and are working on a number of launch vehicles, including two commercial launch vehicles for domestic launch, said Ram Kumar, a transport specialist at the aviation firm Aviation Systems.

Transport engineers say the transporter could be used as a ground transportation platform for long-range trips, where a vehicle can be loaded and unloaded at the airport.

But the launch of the transporter in 2021 will be crucial for India to develop a truly commercial-scale transporter.

The transporter is a vital part of India s plans to become a major global player in space and the development of the indigenous engine that will power India’s transporter system will be critical for the process, said Kumar.

Transportation companies have already been working on the launch vehicles and will be developing and testing them as soon as possible.

An indigenous engine for IndiaTransport engines have been in development for decades and the first one successfully launched in 2013, said Srinivas Gupta, the CEO of Indian Aerospace Industries (IAI) and a former head of India Space Research Organization (ISCO).

India currently has about 2,200 commercial-grade transporter engines, and the government is planning to increase the capacity to more than 10,000.

Gupta says that it will take India around 20 years to build an indigenous engine to power the transporter, a project that is already under way.

It also aims to develop advanced rocket engines to power India s first commercial transporter, and is also planning to have an indigenous transporter engine by 2020.

While India has been working towards developing its indigenous engine, a number other countries are also working on developing their own engines.

A number of countries including Brazil, Russia, Turkey, France, Germany, and Japan have already launched indigenous engine vehicles.

India has one of the world’s largest fleet of indigenous transporter-turbine engines and the country is also home to a…

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