How the Government is trying to stop Uber and other ride-hailing services

Transport Minister Steven Miles says the Government will be working with ride-sharing companies to help them comply with new anti-discrimination laws.

The move comes as Uber and the Taxi Alliance of Australia (TAA) have announced they will launch legal action against the Government’s changes to the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) regulations.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Government said it would not be making any amendments to existing legislation until the changes to TLC were made “effective”.

“We are committed to working with these industry partners to ensure the TLC rules are clear and effective,” the statement said.

“As a result, we will not be changing the law until we have received a clear explanation from the industry on whether it intends to proceed with legal action to challenge the TNC regulations.”

The Government has previously said it does not intend to change the regulations until the TLDs changes are made effective, with the Minister’s statement suggesting a delay of at least a year.

Mr Miles said the Government was seeking to ensure that the new laws were effective in protecting drivers and passengers.

‘We want to ensure they are enforced’ Transport Minister Steve Miles said he was concerned the Government would not make the necessary changes to anti-doping regulations.

“We want them to be enforced,” he said.

“It’s a matter of ensuring that the laws are enforced, so the laws that we have put in place in the past are actually working.”

Mr Banks said the government’s announcement was a “step in the right direction” and was “good news for drivers and riders”.

He said he would like to see more drivers in the industry and had “no qualms” about taking the “unfair” jobs if they were offered.

But he said there would be “significant problems” for some drivers if the government were to “put in place changes that make it harder to drive for ride-sharers”.

In his statement on Thursday, Mr Banks said: “This is a good news for all the drivers, for riders, and for all of us who are concerned about the impact that the changes could have on our jobs and livelihoods.”

TAA and Uber are among the organisations that have joined the legal action, with Mr Banks announcing the move in his State of the State speech.

TAA general secretary, John Baccus, said the move was “an important first step in ensuring that all ride- sharers are treated fairly”.

Mr Baccuses comments follow comments from taxi operators last week that the Government could have a “hard time” enforcing anti-dos laws, but was unable to provide an example of how it could do so.

Transport Minister Steven Masters said there was no indication of how the Government planned to enforce the laws, despite a suggestion from the Government that it would do so by “passing legislation”.

TAE said it was committed to a “transparent, robust, and effective regulatory framework” that ensured that “the law remains relevant and relevant to drivers, riders and passengers”.

Uber, in particular, said it will seek to challenge whether the changes are “legal or not”.

Transportation Minister Steven Mills said the changes were not intended to “undermine the role of taxi drivers” but that the “law needs to be fully enforced”.

But Transport Minister Stephen Miles said it did not “necessarily” mean the Government should change the law.

He added that the Minister had made a “significant commitment” to the taxi industry and he was “confident that he will ensure that all companies operating in the taxi sector will be treated fairly and fairly fairly across the country”.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has described ride-sharing as a “dangerous new form of transportation” that could undermine Ireland’s competitiveness.


Transport Minister Steven Miles says the Government will be working with ride-sharing companies to help them comply with new anti-discrimination…

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