When Nolan’s team takes on MARTA: The future is here

Metro Transit has announced a major expansion project for the Madison area that could be a boon to the city’s economy.

Metro Transit is building an additional station in the East Madison area of the metro, bringing the total number of stations in the metro area to 28.

The new station is located at the corner of North Avenue and Madison Avenue, and will house an expanded MARTA train stop, a new station with restrooms, and additional bike parking.

The project also includes the construction of a new light rail stop at Madison Avenue and North Avenue, as well as new parking garages.

Metro will be opening the project in 2019, with construction set to begin in 2021.

MARTA has a goal of expanding to more than 20 stations by 2025.

The company is also planning to build a new streetcar line that will run from Madison to the University of Wisconsin.

The new stations will add to the existing metro stations, which are located in the city of Milwaukee, and have a combined total of 2,872 parking spaces.

A total of 18,719 parking spaces are available on the northbound and southbound trains at the new stations, and the two trains can share the same parking spaces, Metro officials said.

The expanded MARTS station is currently located on North Avenue between North Avenue West and North St. Paul.

The project will expand the MARTA service to Madison, Marquette, and Milwaukee, as part of an effort to expand the region’s rail system to more areas.

The expansion project also will allow Metro to better serve areas of the Milwaukee-Waukesha-Kenosha corridor that do not have an MARTA station.

Metro has been working to expand its rail service in the Madison-Wausau area for years, and it announced the expansion project in 2015, saying it was part of a broader plan to expand service in parts of the region.

It also announced a plan to build two additional rail lines in Milwaukee and Marquette to make the region “the premier transit region in the country.”

The new project will also be a boost for Metro, which has been in financial trouble for years and has been facing mounting losses.

In the fall of 2016, the company filed for bankruptcy protection, and announced that it was reducing the size of its workforce.

In April of this year, the Metro board approved a $9.6 billion plan to restructure the company and get back on track.

Metro Transit has announced a major expansion project for the Madison area that could be a boon to the city’s…

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