Kentucky’s transportation chief says he’s ‘outraged’ by report on driverless cars

Kentucky Transportation Secretary Dan Burdick says he is “outraged” by a report that the state’s Department of Transportation was preparing to release a “black box” report that would show drivers who are “driving with the full knowledge” of their passengers what they were doing when they hit a red light.

Burdick, the deputy secretary for transportation, spoke at a press conference Tuesday about the Department of Motor Vehicles’ decision to release the report, which would be “the last word” on whether driverless vehicles can safely be used.

“We’re going to look at it in depth,” Burdicks office said in a statement to The Verge.

“We’re working with the Department to get a full report out.”

Kentucky has one of the nation’s largest populations of drivers, with about one in five drivers in the state.

Last year, the Department for Transportation reported that driverless technology was being used in more than 30,000 intersections across the state, including nearly 3,000 in Kentucky.

The report, titled “Black Box: Driverless Vehicle Use in Kentucky,” said that the use of driverless systems is becoming more common in Kentucky, which is about half the size of California and about one-third the size as Massachusetts.

Kentucky, which has some of the lowest insurance rates in the country, has been one of those states, with the state having the nation and the nation average about $9,000 annual vehicle insurance premium.

In 2016, the report said, about two-thirds of Kentucky drivers involved in crashes were under the age of 30, which can be indicative of drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that about one of three fatal crashes were caused by drunk drivers.

“This is not just about technology, it’s about safety,” Burden told reporters.

“There is no room for this technology in the modern society.

If we do not address the underlying causes of road deaths, it will continue to worsen.

We need to look back at this, and I will not be a part of this.”

The Kentucky Transportation Department said it was working with state regulators and the Department on the report and that the release would be made “as soon as possible.”

Kentuckians are encouraged to use self-driving technology in vehicles, including with cell phones, but Burdoks office also said that people who are not using driverless technologies “are not driving safely.”

“They are not driving the way the technology should be,” Buddys office said.

Kentucky Transportation Secretary Dan Burdick says he is “outraged” by a report that the state’s Department of Transportation was preparing…

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