Jordan: Jordanian troops prepare to enter Syrian border

Jordan’s Ministry of Transport announced on Monday that the army has begun preparations for a major military operation aimed at opening the Jordan-Syria border, with soldiers and vehicles moving into the area on Sunday.

The announcement was made in a statement issued by the ministry, which said that the troops were being trained in preparation for the planned operations.

The ministry did not provide any further details.

The statement said that Jordan has a large number of troops stationed in the area, and that they would be prepared for the operation if needed.

The Ministry of Transportation had previously warned that any military operation would be “a very dangerous situation.”

In addition to the Jordanians, Israel has deployed a number of soldiers, including a group of around 150 troops from the Israeli military to the northern Jordan Valley.

The troops will be part of a joint military force called the Rapid Response Force, which has been formed with the support of the Israeli Defense Forces.

The ministry also said that two Israeli civilians were killed in Syria on Saturday in an incident that had been attributed to Hezbollah, and Israel’s military said that an unidentified person was killed by a rocket fired from Syria.

In the first such incident since the start of the Syrian civil war, Hezbollah fired a missile toward the Israeli city of Sderot on Saturday night, causing no damage to its targets.

Last week, the Lebanese government said that Hezbollah fired two ballistic missiles toward Israeli communities in the southern Israeli city, prompting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call for the creation of a “safe zone” for Israelis.

This comes amid reports that the Israeli government is planning to launch a massive air and sea campaign against Syria, with the Israeli Air Force targeting Syrian military positions and air bases with airstrikes and sea-based weapons.

The campaign is expected to begin next week, with Israeli fighter jets striking targets in Syria, according to The Jerusalem Report.

Jordan’s Ministry of Transport announced on Monday that the army has begun preparations for a major military operation aimed at…

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