How to use imperial troop transports

A lot of people think they can’t get a transport without a knight transport.

And for a while it was the case.

The transport was the backbone of the Imperial Army, and was used for troop transport to other armies and cities.

But in time, Imperial troops would be unable to use these transports due to the lack of sufficient supply of soldiers and the loss of a knight who would need to escort them.

However, with the introduction of the Knight Transport in 3145, the Knight transport was no longer required.

Imperial troops were able to move to a new city and take advantage of a new transport.

There were a few other transportation options as well, but these are the major ones.

Imperial troop transports, however, are no longer in use in the game. 

This article covers the transport as well as the equipment needed to use it, but if you’re interested in how to use them in the future, I recommend checking out my article on how to make a transport for a caravan.

The following sections are from a recent Imperial article that has been out for a few weeks now.

I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible, but please feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

Imperials transport, transport transport transport, the transport transport  are all different things.

There are different types of transports, each with different functions.

 A transport is basically a wagon with a horse on top.

The horses are used to haul goods.

An Imperial soldier can move a transport, but they’re not able to carry the goods themselves.

They need to move the goods around in the wagon, and can only do this if they have a knight to accompany them.

There are several types of transport: a carriage that carries supplies and passengers, a cart or cartriage that is usually used to move goods, and a wagons that can carry the whole army.

The wagons can carry up to six Imperials at once. 

Each wagon is equipped with different tools and equipment.

This is a wagons carriage, which is probably the most common type of transport.

A wagons cart or carriage has the usual equipment of a wagon.

It’s not quite as fast as a carriage, but it can carry a lot more goods.

The wagon also has a few small improvements over a wagon, including a roof, which can be moved up or down.

Another important aspect of wagons is the wagons wheels, which have been improved over the years.

The wagons wheel is very useful.

In some ways, wagons are more efficient than wagon wheels, because the wagering can take place more easily.

However there are some disadvantages to wagons.

Wagons wheels are also made of wood, which gives them a bit of a rustic look.

However, this rustic appearance is the result of a process called “lumbering”.

Wagering on wagons requires that you use a small wheelbarrow, which usually only has two wheels.

If you have more than two wheels, it’s necessary to use a wheelbarrower to keep the waggons wheels spinning.

Each wagon can carry an Imperial of at least 5 soldiers, and is capable of carrying up to 10.

The main drawback to waggon wagons in 3115 is that the wagon wheels are too thin to support the weight of a large troop.

But if you need a transport that can transport an entire army, you can use a transport with a Knight Transport.

With the introduction, a Knight transport can carry around 12 Imperials in the saddle.

This means that the transport can be used to transport a larger number of troops.

I’ve included a video tutorial of how to train a transport in 3105.

You may notice in the video that the Imperials have a transport to transport them in.

These are the Knight transports, which are used in the same way as the wags.

Knight transport: a Knight wagon The Knight transport is also called a knight wagon because it has a Knight as the driver.

This transport is typically used to bring troops to a city or to transport supplies from a city to another city.

Like wagons, the transport in a Knight transports is made up of a wheel, and a wagon that is equipped in the following ways: A wheelbarrier to protect the wagon and keep it moving,  a wheelbarrows wheels to carry up and down, and a wagon carriage that can move up to 12 Imperial soldiers at once  The wagon itself is powered by two wheels and a pair of wheels.

As a result, it takes a lot of force to move it.

The Knight transport takes a while to get to a point where it can be easily controlled, but once it is, it can move at a brisk pace.

When the transport is ready to take off, the knight will pull the wagon into the wagon.

Once the wagon

A lot of people think they can’t get a transport without a knight transport.And for a while it was the…

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