Which mode of transport do you use in Canada?

Transport Canada released its final data on how many modes of transport it uses for transport and the report showed the nation has the third-highest number of modes of transit (after New Zealand and the United States).

The report shows that the vast majority of the national modes of transportation are transit, which is a form of travel by rail and bus.

It also shows that nearly a third of Canadians use some form of public transit, while only 11% of Canadians travel by car.

The data shows that while public transit is used by the vast bulk of Canadians, the proportion of people using cars and buses is lower than in other countries.

In addition to public transit in Canada, there are four types of public transportation in the country.

There are five types of mass transit in the nation, all of which are used by people travelling by public transportation.

These include: public transit vehicles, buses, trains, ferries and motor vehicles.

These are the vehicles and modes of travel that people use to get from point A to point B.

The other types of transport are the private car, commercial vehicle and personal vehicle.

There is also a very small amount of public transport in the United Kingdom, where people only use public transportation for business, public holidays and public transport for commuting to work.

Public transportation in Canada is most popular in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, the Northwest Territory, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Yukon.

The most popular types of transit in these provinces are mass transit, buses and ferries.

There were 4,976,622,000 km of public travel by public transport vehicles in Canada in 2017, the report shows.

The majority of these were by public transit: public transportation vehicles in Quebec and the Northwest territories, public transportation buses in Ontario, and public transportation ferries in Manitoba.

Transport Canada released its final data on how many modes of transport it uses for transport and the report showed…

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