How to fix Uber’s crash-prone app: Build it into your car

When Uber launched its self-driving car service, it promised to make driverless cars cheaper than traditional cars.

It has since changed its mind, saying it needs to better understand the drivers who use its vehicles.

And while it is now allowing its drivers to request rides via smartphone, the service still doesn’t have an app that users can install.

Here’s how to install the app for your car.


Go to Uber’s website.


Search for self-driven car service.


Enter your zip code.


Tap the search button.

You’ll see a list of cars.

Tap on the self-made car that you want to add.


Tap a button to add a ride.


Once you’ve added a ride, you’ll see the Uber logo on the dashboard.

Tap that to add the ride.


You can tap on the yellow “autopilot” icon to turn the vehicle off.

If you need help, click here to check out our guide to how to get self-drive in your car, and here to see how to use the service in your own car.

The company says that a car equipped with the self driving software is cheaper to rent than a car that’s not, because it can’t be charged for parking, which is a major issue with many autonomous vehicles.

That means it can be used for a longer time without needing to recharge.

The self-powered car will need to recharge its batteries when it’s parked, but it won’t be fully autonomous until Uber releases a new version of the software.

Uber said it will also update its app to better accommodate self-Driving.

The app for the new version will allow you to choose which features to include.

This will help drivers to find the best spot in a congested parking lot.

If the parking lot is empty, the car will drive to the nearest spot to fill up the spot.

If there’s a spot, the driver will wait in the car for a few minutes.

This mode works with self-built cars and the company is working on adding features for autonomous cars that will also be available in the new Uber app.


Check out our full guide to self-autonomous vehicles.

When Uber launched its self-driving car service, it promised to make driverless cars cheaper than traditional cars.It has since changed…

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