How to read the latest data and trends from the U.S. Metric Bureau

The U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has just released its annual report on the state of human rights around the world.

The OCHA released its report in 2017, but its 2017 report is one of the most comprehensive, in-depth assessments of human trafficking in the world to date.

It’s a major update to the OCHA’s 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report, which was issued in 2014.

Its aim is to provide a detailed look at human trafficking and other forms of modern-day slavery in order to help countries better combat the scourge.

The report covers over 70 countries, with some notable differences in the countries included.

One notable difference is the number of countries included in the report, as opposed to a total.

For the first time, the OCA has expanded its list of countries to include countries where at least half of the country’s population lives.

This is due to the fact that there is no reliable data on whether or not the prevalence of forced labor and sex trafficking is higher in countries with a higher proportion of migrant workers.

The new report comes just as the United Nations is preparing to convene its next International Day Against Human Trafficking, which is set for July 26 in New York.

The International Day for the Elimination of all Forms of Modern-Day Slavery, also known as International Day of the Girl Child or the International Day to End the Slavery of Girls and Women, was first proposed in 2005.

It is a global movement of women to demand that governments end all forms of slavery.

The event is supported by a range of organizations, including the United Nation’s Children’s Fund, United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund and the World Health Organization.

As with the OCHC report, this year’s OCHA report also highlights some of the key findings of its 2017 Traffick in Persons report.

It highlights that trafficking in women and girls is prevalent across the globe, with more than 80 countries reporting data, and there are more than 10,000 sex trafficking investigations in each of the OSA countries.

It also shows that the number and frequency of forced marriages is rising, with the rate of forced marriage in China increasing from one per day in 2016 to two in 2017.

In addition, it shows that some countries have achieved some significant improvements in combating forced labor, with Nigeria and Nepal taking major steps to end the practice.

The 2016 report also showed that in some parts of the world, the number who report being victims of forced prostitution has risen significantly in recent years, from 2,818 in 2016, to 2,942 in 2017 (see chart below).

The report also mentions that a majority of countries have made significant efforts to address the prevalence and severity of human traffickers, and to make them accountable.

However, many more people are still victims of human slavery, and the number remains relatively low.

For example, while the number reporting being a victim of forced sexual exploitation in 2017 is about 10 times that of 2016, it is still below the global average.

The number reporting living in slavery is also low, at about 1.5 million, although the OHA report shows that this figure is likely to grow in coming years.

In 2018, the report also looked at data on sex trafficking in 2017 to see if countries were doing more to address it.

The UNAIDS report, which analyzed the findings of the 2016 report, found that of the 38 countries surveyed, 22 had enacted laws to combat human trafficking.

Another five countries had made progress, and five others had no progress.

Of the countries surveyed in 2018, 26 had introduced some kind of legislation, while 16 countries had introduced none.

In 2017, the UNAIDs report noted that “the number of reported cases in some countries has increased significantly over the past few years,” but the UHA report found that the “number of cases and convictions remain low.”

One key takeaway from the Ocha report is that “there is still a long way to go in addressing human trafficking,” and “human trafficking remains a significant issue.”

The report’s main finding was that the UAHN and OCHA countries have the highest prevalence of human trafficking.

The United States has the second highest prevalence, followed by Brazil, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Spain and Sweden.

The highest percentage of trafficking cases in countries in the United States, Canada and Spain were in the transportation sector, and those in the European Union and Brazil were in tourism.

In terms of human and trafficking victimization, the countries with the highest rates of victimization were South Africa, South Korea, Egypt, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The most significant country in terms of victims of trafficking, according to the report’s findings, was the United Arab Emirates, followed closely by the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Congo and the Philippines.

The countries with lowest victimization rates were the United Sates, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia and

The U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has just released its annual report on the state of…

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