Evo Transportation, Inc. has unveiled a new vehicle-to-vehicle transfer service called EVoTransport, that promises to reduce vehicle travel time by up to 30% Source TechRadars title EVo Transportation is offering a new car-to to-vehicular transfer service to help reduce vehicle-related congestion in the U.S.

EVo Transport, Inc., a division of EVo Corporation, is an automotive leasing company, providing leasing and leasing services in the automobile industry.

The company is owned by the Evo Group, which owns several car companies including Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

EVo has received approval to start a new fleet of EV-powered trucks in 2019 and has also been granted permission to start the first EV-equipped bus in 2021.

EVO has developed the EVo Transport platform, which can be configured to be either an electric or a gas-electric vehicle.

It offers a vehicle-specific platform that can be easily installed on existing vehicle fleets.

The new platform allows vehicles to be transferred between the vehicles, while providing a convenient, secure, and seamless system for leasing.

It can also be used to facilitate vehicle transfers between different vehicles.

In addition, EVo can provide vehicles with vehicle-level telematics and communication capabilities that allow vehicles to communicate with each other while traveling in a shared space.

EVos vehicle transfer service is the first of its kind in the automotive industry and will be available in all regions of the U

EVo Transport, Inc., a division of EVo Corporation, is an automotive leasing company, providing leasing and leasing services in the…

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