Uber rideshare to be used for ‘private transport’ of wedding guests

A ride sharing startup is about to launch a service that will allow guests to arrange private transport of wedding couples from the comfort of their homes.

The startup, which was founded by Austin, Texas-based Uber Technologies Inc. chief executive officer and ex-Google executive Jeff Hunt, said on Tuesday that it will be providing a “platform” for private wedding transport of guests.

“Our aim is to make private wedding transportation easier for guests,” Hunt said in a blog post.

Uber, which is backed by billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel, is offering a limited number of cars to the couple who want to book rides.

It will not charge guests for the service, which will be available in select cities in the US.

Hunt said the service will initially be limited to the West Coast, but will expand to other parts of the country over time.

We are expanding our service to include more cities and regions in the United States and around the world, Hunt said.

For Uber, the service could be a game changer.

It would give customers the option to travel with their friends or family to the wedding.

Last year, Uber launched its own app to connect with guests to book private rides, but it was not yet ready for general use.

The company also did not disclose how much the service would cost.

Driving around the wedding is still a common way to get to a wedding, Hunt added.

But Uber has been criticized for its slow pace of new technology.

Last year, it said it had raised $3 billion in funding, a big jump from its $1.1 billion valuation last year.

Despite the growth in the ride sharing industry, it has faced criticism over its ability to help passengers get to weddings.

Some critics say the ride-sharing companies’ service has become more like a taxi service, where people wait for rides on the app to arrive.

While Uber is a private company, it is owned by an independent, venture capital-backed company called Uber Technologies.

On Tuesday, Hunt also said that Uber Technologies has not yet finalized plans for a new service in the area of private transportation.

In May, Uber started testing a new app, which Hunt said was being used to “connect wedding guests with other guests who want private transport to the venue” and make it easier for couples to arrange transportation to the ceremony.

At the time, Hunt declined to comment on whether the new app would become a standard feature of Uber.

Meanwhile, Hunt has been making news for his controversial comments.

He sparked controversy last year when he said Uber should be required to register with the U.S. government to operate.

Then last month, Hunt was removed from Uber’s board of directors amid reports that he had spoken about his own personal finances.

As the CEO of Uber, Hunt took a leave of absence from the company after his departure from the board of the ride hailing app.

A ride sharing startup is about to launch a service that will allow guests to arrange private transport of wedding…

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