NYC bus drivers union to meet with NYCTA members next week

A transit workers union is calling for a meeting with New York City Transit Administration employees next week in an effort to organize and secure more jobs for the nearly 3,000 transit drivers in the city.

The workers want to talk to the agency about the cost of its transit system and the possibility of more collective bargaining rights.

“The MTA has made no effort to engage with the union in any way,” said the union’s president, Steve Calkins, in an email.

“In fact, the MTA has actively encouraged union members to ignore the union and engage with their own employers.

This was evident when it was announced last month that MTA will not renew its contract with the NYC Transit Union, a move that many transit workers have said is unprecedented.”

In March, the agency announced it would not renew the contract of the Transit Workers Union.

However, the union has been fighting for better working conditions, more collective negotiation rights and a union contract that would cover all of the city’s transit workers.

A spokesperson for the agency told ABC News that the agency is looking into the unionization request.

The MTA has been plagued by union organizing and organizing by the New York Transit Workers’ Union, which has been at the forefront of unionizing and organizing drivers and bus drivers across the country.

Calkens said the agency has had no communication with the workers and the union is not representing them.

“At this point, it appears that the MTA is acting as though there is no relationship with the New Jersey Transit Workers Association, the New England Transit Union or any of the other transit workers in the state,” he said.

The union, which represents about 4,500 drivers in New York, said it is seeking to organize at least 30 more bus drivers next week.

A transit workers union is calling for a meeting with New York City Transit Administration employees next week in an…

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