When is the next rail line going to be built in North Park?

Transport funding is set to be raised by $30.5 million for North Park Transit’s $1.3 billion capital project, a new North Park Station on the CityLink rail line. 

The project will include the construction of a new South Park Station, which will be open for use in 2018. 

In the meantime, North Park will continue to expand its network, with the new SouthPark Station opening in 2018 and the new NorthPark SouthPark station coming online in 2020. 

North Park Transit is also working on the development of the first phase of a light rail line that will connect the new station to downtown with a stop at the North Park Town Center. 

More: The North Park Rail Link project is funded through the NorthPark Transit Transit Master Plan. 

Funding is expected to be paid for by an existing City of Dallas transit bond, the $2.4 billion North Park Light Rail Bond Fund. 

A portion of the funding will be used to build the SouthPark NorthPark Station, the first in a series of new stations and stations for the North-South Corridor. 

Transit planners estimate that the new stations will be built at the same time that the other North Park stations are being constructed, which is scheduled to take place over the next five years. 

“The CityLink project will be the first of its kind in North America to include a rail line from downtown Dallas to the South Park community,” said North Park Mayor Joe Mascarenhas.

“We are also thrilled to be adding SouthPark to our transit network, and to have it opened to the public as soon as possible.” 

The first phase, which includes the construction and maintenance of a SouthPark South Park station, will be finished in 2019. 

At the time, the project’s developers said the project was a priority, adding that the Southpark station will provide new services for riders, commuters, and visitors to North Park. 

With more than 10,000 daily riders, the SouthParks station is expected be a popular stop for many commuters, especially as the City Link line continues to expand. 

As for the Southparks station, it will be a stop that will serve the North and South sides of the city, including downtown. 

And unlike the Northpark station, which would be built for a specific transit purpose, the new Station SouthPark will be able to serve multiple transit needs, including transit for local and regional transportation, local, regional, and regional rail, and public transit. 

According to Mascarelli, the North park station is a major investment for the city and is expected by the end of the 2023 project to be a destination for more than 6,000 residents. 

For the past five years, North park has had the opportunity to create a new station on the North Side, which was a major priority for Mayor Mascares. 

Mascarellas vision for the station was to build a station that would serve the entire Northside, with new stations opening in the Spring and Summer months. 

To that end, Mascarielli is planning to work with the City of North Dallas, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the Dallas City Council to complete the station in the fall of 2021. 

When it comes to a new downtown station, Northpark has done it before.

 In late 2013, North Dallas residents voted in favor of the opening of the North Dallas Station in 2016. 

Then, in early 2018, NorthPark was named a Downtown Dallas Design District Design District. 

That designation enabled the city to be awarded a $2 million grant from the state of Texas for the development and expansion of the Station South Park, as well as the construction, maintenance, and operation of the station itself. 

This year, the city will receive $2,895,000 from the North Texas Regional Transportation Authority (NRTRTA) to complete construction of the South Station, as the project is currently funded through a $1,917,000 bond. 

Once the station is completed, the construction work will begin to allow for the new line to open to the community. 

Currently, there are plans for the opening in 2019, which should be the time frame when the new rail line is scheduled for completion. 

 NorthPark has been building the station for almost a decade and has had many positive experiences, Mescarelli said.

“Our people love it,” Mascarrenas said.

“They know it’s a transit station.

We want to make it a very safe and comfortable station for everybody.”

North Park is proud to have received the $1 million grant and look forward to working with the city of North and surrounding Dallas to get this station open and to create many new and exciting things for North Dallas.” 

Northpark Mayor Joe Cappucci, who represents North Park, said the new project

Transport funding is set to be raised by $30.5 million for North Park Transit’s $1.3 billion capital project, a new…

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