How to get around on the Southwest motor transport

Transportation experts say the Southwest’s motor transport system could be a major problem for some commuters if the region continues to be stuck with an aging fleet.

A federal transportation audit released Monday by the Transportation Department said the region has the most serious congestion problems in the country, with traffic congestion averaging more than three hours per day and 30 percent of the region’s traffic is congested.

The report was prompted by the arrival of a new Southwest Express bus service.

The new bus service is expected to provide better connections to other major cities and would be more reliable, the audit said.

The Southwest Express, which is part of a consortium that includes the Southern California Rapid Transit Authority and California State University, Northridge, is a new service that could be more efficient than the existing Southwest Express.

But the report found Southwest Express fares are the most expensive in the region, averaging $15.43 a mile for passengers and $11.92 for freight.

It is also the most costly in the state.

In the state’s other major metropolitan areas, like Los Angeles and San Francisco, Southwest Express operates at about $9.45 per mile, according to the study.

In Sacramento, Southwest has an average of $13.60 per mile.

The average fares are almost half of the statewide average, $22.10.

Southern California is one of the nation’s busiest transportation hubs.

The region is a hub for the nation, but the report said Southwest Express could create significant congestion problems.

Southern Californians commute from more than 100 cities in about 10 major metropolitan regions and many more smaller towns and villages.

Transportation experts say Southwest’s system could also be the source of the most congestion.

In an interview, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the report is not a substitute for action.

He said Southwest needs to develop a new system, such as a direct bus service that can take riders to destinations like Los Feliz, San Francisco and other major metros.

He said that a bus service would help reduce congestion, improve safety and ease some of the congestion in the system.

The regional transportation agency has launched an online survey to help people understand how Southwest’s bus service will affect them.

Transportation experts say the Southwest’s motor transport system could be a major problem for some commuters if the region continues…

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