‘I don’t think this is a joke’: TSA says it’s looking into report that a bomb was hidden in a luggage bag

In a letter sent to Congress, the Transportation Security Administration said it has been informed that “a bomb was placed in a baggage bag.”

It was discovered at a Denver airport in October.

The agency said the bag contained “an explosive material that is not a dangerous item, but a precautionary measure to safeguard national security.”

The letter also said it had been contacted by the National Transportation Safety Board.

TSA spokesman David B. Salisbury said the agency was aware of the letter and would “investigate” the incident.

“We have been in touch with the NTSB and will look into their report as we are informed of it,” Salisbury told Fox News.

The TSA said in a statement that the bag was discovered during an internal investigation.

“In light of this incident, the TSA is taking additional steps to ensure that no one is ever allowed to carry a concealed explosive device into a TSA checkpoint,” the statement said.

The letter from the TSA said the incident is under review.

The incident came as the agency faced mounting pressure from Republicans and others to reform the TSA after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

A group of lawmakers, led by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., demanded in a letter to the TSA last month that it reinstate the “no bag, no show” policy after a string of suspicious incidents.

A few months earlier, the same lawmakers also called for a review of TSA checkpoints after a series of suspicious cases.

The House and Senate are expected to vote this week on Lofrenan’s proposal.

In a letter sent to Congress, the Transportation Security Administration said it has been informed that “a bomb was placed…

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