Month: September 2021

Kentucky’s transportation chief says he’s ‘outraged’ by report on driverless cars

Kentucky Transportation Secretary Dan Burdick says he is “outraged” by a report that the state’s Department of Transportation was preparing…

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How to plan for medical aid transportation, medical aid travel and medical aid transit in Alberta

The federal government says there are many ways to ensure health care workers and their families have access to timely…

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What is RV transport management system and why is it needed?

By Rajesh Kumar Transport management systems have become a critical component of the modern urban transport system.These systems have evolved…

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Tesla announces $1.3B acquisition of autopilot startup AutopilotLink

Tesla Motors Inc. said it has acquired Autopilots, a company founded by former Google Inc. executive and former CEO Sundar…

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Baltimore transit officials to launch trial for new fare system

Baltimore — Maryland transportation authorities on Monday said they will launch a trial for a new fare-based fare system, the…

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How to be more productive in the office

An employee has been doing all sorts of odd jobs on his or her commute home after the government announced…

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How the Government is trying to stop Uber and other ride-hailing services

Transport Minister Steven Miles says the Government will be working with ride-sharing companies to help them comply with new anti-discrimination…

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Transport biology, what is transport biology

Transportation biology is the study of the physical and biological processes that drive the movement of people, goods, and things.Transportation…

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What’s the best way to get from Sydney to the coast?

By the time you finish reading this, I’ll have spent some time in Melbourne and Brisbane.Melbourne’s CBD, by far, has…

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